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What is Hospice?

  • Hospice care is an interdisciplinary approach to holistic care, designed to meet the needs of a person at the end-of-life when a cure is no longer an option.

  • The goal is to help patients live as comfortable as possible.

  • It focuses on controlling patients' symptoms and pain.

  • Hospice considers the unit of care to extend beyond the patient and include the family and caregivers as defined by the patient. 

  • All specialty care is individualized and coordinated based on the patient's requirements, wants and beliefs.

  • The only medical care that provides bereavement care during and after duration of treatment to patient and family. 

What Hospice provides.

Patients have the autonomy to select a hospice program aligned with their preferences. Once chosen, a family member often assumes the role of the primary caregiver, assisting in decisions for the terminally ill individual. The hospice team conducts regular visits to assess the patient's needs and offers additional care or services as required. Continuous telephonic support is available from hospice staff 24/7.
Patients will receive weekly nurse's visits, monthly social worker visits who will assess and assist with mental health, financial and environmental needs, monthly chaplain visits if fitted with patients' belief system, and a hospice aid who can come up to five times a week, one hour a day and assist with bathing, shaving, etc. There are also trained volunteers who may assist any of these skilled professions. 

BCM provides all hospice services in the comfort of the patient's home. 

What is not Hospice?

  • Hospice is not curative treatment or therapies that focus on elongating one's life span. 
  • Replacement for 24/7 caregiver or residential care
  • care that quickens death. 
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