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Our Mission Statement


BCM Health LLC's goal is to provide patients and their families with the best care available during their stay with us. We want to empower patients who are facing difficult illness or injury with comfort and peace all while providing their loved ones with understanding and support. Each patients needs are different, so we individualize treatment by a team of qualified professionals who really believe Better Care Matters.

Meet Our Staff

Here are just a few of the many people who will help you and your family along your hospice journey

Annette Dorflinger
Hospice Director of Nursing
Kierra Banks
Director of Medical Social Workers
Ke'Tryk Manor
Chief Operations Officer
Jesiah Watson
Home Health  Administrator
Dustin Dorflinger
Home Health Director of Nursing
chap mac.jpg
Kelvin McDaniel
Ronnie Dorflinger
Executive Director
Clay Griffin
Assistant Administrator
Twana Laday
Assistant Director Of Nursing
Ronesha Salters
Director of Home Health Aides / Hospice Office Manager
Neil Dorflinger
Hospice Administrator 
Natalie Tambunga
Assistant Administrator
Erin Cabell
Director of Marketing 
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